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Traning Workshops


To support the development of a learning culture, I design and implement a suite of quality leadership workshops that are designed to help delegates find some of their answers.

I use a mix of interactive and engaging activities, group coaching and webinars that are based on the delegate's work reality to develop their understanding, skills and confidence. The outcomes are how to successfully manage any people-related dynamics and easy-to-use tools to implement in the workplace.

Coaching Sessions


I offer to coach delegates as part of all my post-training initiatives, to encourage and support delegates to implement the skills and knowledge they have mastered during the workshops.

I offer senior management coaching sessions as a tool to help managers improve any people-related issues that can be handled through a mix of understanding, skills and self-confidence. These are the keys to their long-term success.

Learning Culture


I develop my client's learning environments through the design and implementation of a series of learning and development initiatives that are aligned with the organisation's vision.

I transform organisational vision, strategies and change initiatives into people-related activities, that create tangible and measurable outcomes as well as increased positivity with empowered and engaged employees.

What People Are Saying

“A highly talented Consultant and Coach with the extraordinary ability to grab a Corporate Identity and successfully spread it over every level of the organization. A warranted Return On Training.


Financial Director

The main point I took was the notion of ‘team’ – it encouraged me to think more about what type of relationship we wanted to build with businesses we’ve acquired vs our own local teams and how we should treat them very differently. That was the main part for me. Painfully simple but very useful, so thank you!


Events Manager

Shirley, developed a great suite of programmes for our managers and staff, delivering them with energy and passion across our offices in the UK and internationally. She is really able to connect with individuals, especially managers offering both empathy and challenge around their learning. Her love for developing others shines through and delegates feedback often included the word ‘inspirational’


Operations Director

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