What I Do

I support organisations to design, develop and implement learning and development initiatives that are engineered to enable a learning culture where diverse people feel included and encouraged to reach higher levels of performance.

My Philosophy

At work, people sometimes need support to overcome their people-related issues, such as managing ex-colleagues or trying to figure out the right way to delegate without demotivating the team or getting help to be promoted.

That’s what I do! I listen, I suggest but most of all I care that everyone finds success in whatever way feels right for them.

My Methods

I provide work-related solutions that deliver practical outcomes. I help people work together on their own issues, to find solutions that suit their outcomes.

I design people-friendly learning environments, with training, coaching, and on-the-job-support to deliver results.  My mantra is helping people get from good to great!

My Goals

My goal is to provide all my clients with amazing support and solutions that are long-lasting and sustainable.

I work with clients to deliver people-focused initiatives that help transform, invigorate and engage people in their workplace.

I aim to deliver value and impact people in the organisations I work with.

Training Workshops

My workshops are designed to provide delegates with some of their answers. I use a mix of interactive and engaging activities, individual coaching, and bespoke webinars that are based on the delegate’s work issues to develop their understanding, skills and confidence about how to successfully manage the people-related dynamics and elaborate easy-to-implement solutions that they can use immediately after.

Coaching Sessions

Usually, delegates request coaching sessions, post-training, to implement the skills and knowledge they have mastered during the workshops.

I work with delegate’s to help them gain self-awareness that their work-related issues can be handled through a mix of understanding, skills and self-confidence. They are the keys to their own success.

Learning Culture

My consultancy-based services aim to develop dynamic learning environments by designing and implementing a series of learning and development initiatives that align with the organisation’s vision.

I transform an organisational vision, strategies and change initiatives into people-related activities, that create both tangible and measurable outcomes as well as increased positivity with empowered and engaged employees.

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